About Upplands-Bro

In the heart of the Mälar valley, Upplands-Bro is one of the most naturally beautiful of the municipalities of greater Stockholm, with some 130 kilometers of Lake Mälaren coastline and an archipelago of some 50 islands.

View from train tracks above Mälaren and into Kungsängen.

Photo: Jan G Westin

The friendly, varied, easily accessible countryside provides rich opportunities for active leisure. In Upplands-Bro, a rich heritage stretching back many millennia meets exciting development for the future.

A stone's throw from Stockholm

Increasing regional integration and improved transportation are making Upplands-Bro an ever more strategic location. The Mälarbanan railway links Stockholm with the cities on Lake Mälaren. Commuter rail service has been extended and expanded, with four trains to Stockholm hourly. The E18 highway provides a link to Bromma airport and a convenient route to Arlanda airport, connecting to the E4 highway towards Uppsala.

Living, working, leisure

In Upplands-Bro, the boundaries between living, working and leisure are erased. These distinct life elements are naturally reunited. In the space of half an hour, the approximately 30 000 residents of the municipality can trade their peaceful, country idyll for the vibrant city life of central Stockholm. As the municipality's business community grows, fewer and fewer residents need to commute to work. The municipality has made a serious commitment to improving conditions for businesses and attracting new companies.

Outdoor life year round

The municipality´s many lovely settings are a magnet for visitors, both summer and winter. Upplands-Bro offers exciting hiking trails, countless bikeways, meandering forest tracks, and lovely outdoor leisure areas with expansive coastlines, bathing beaches and fine fishing. Fine bathing beaches can also be found on Ådö and Gröna Udden, on Lakes Lejondalssjön and Lillsjön, in Frölunda, at Vallbyvik and at Stigstorp in Brunna. The varied countryside, with its vast agricultural holdings and many nature preserves with rich flora and fauna, make Upplands-Bro a paradise for people seeking a wide variety of recreational and leisure activities.

Well-preserved history

Many sites in the municipality bear witness to our rich heritage. Among them are Håtuna, with ancient ties to royalty. According to legend, King Birger was deceived, captured and imprisoned by his brothers here in 1306. Fornsigtuna at Signhildsberg, with its well-preserved building foundation terraces, is a prehistoric site of national interest. Stäksön island, with the ruins of St Erik´s manor, and the Dalkarlsbacken museum are other interesting historical sights. The municipality is also home to many lovely medieval churches and museums of local history, all of them worth a visit.

Rösaring cult center

One area with an especially high concentration of ancient monuments is Låssa. This is the site of the cult center Rösaring, with large grave mounds, one of the country's biggest labyrinths, and a unique, stone-lined processional route. These extensive grave fields testify to the magic of the area even during the bronze age and Viking era.

For active people

Fine golf courses Upplands-Bro provides a wealth of opportunities for sports enthusiasts. It is home to world-classes golf courses, Bro Hof Slott, Sofielund Golf Club, Kungsängen Golf Club and Bro-Bålsta Golf Club, a well-known course of great natural beauty.

Tennis, riding, skating and much more

Kungsängens Tennisklubb has excellent outdoor clay courts for summer use and fine winter facilities, too, with three indoor courts in its tennis hall. Tennis enthusiasts from near and far come here to play. Upplands-Bro Ryttarförening is one of the municipality's many active equestrian schools. Many private stalls also offer year-round activities. All are welcome, from leisure enthusiasts to competitive riders. During the winter months, the ice of Lake Mälaren is perfect for long, lovely skating tours. And there are plenty of groomed and lit skiing trails.


With expansive waters, Lake Mälaren is a paradise for boating enthusiasts. There are several marinas in the municipality. During the summer months, tourist boats cast off from Kungsängen landing for the Viking city of Birka.

Meet, dine well and stay the night

Upplands-Bro is known for its lovely course and conference facilities.

Lovely facilities

These popular sites are booked by agents near and far. Among them are Almare Stäket Konferens, Villa Aske, Gällöfsta Konferens, Lejondals Slott, Happy Tammsvik, Thoresta Herrgård and Öråkers gård. Many course and conference centers can also arrange weddings, family parties, celebrations and company parties.

Fine dining

If you love fine dining, you will find many little gems tucked away in Upplands-Bro. GC Kök & Bar, Golden Cave, Kungsängen Sportsbar, Petjos, the restaurant at Bro-Bålsta Golf Club, Bro Hof Slott and Kungsängens Golf Club, open year round, are just a few tips to get you started. Bro and Kungsängen also offer a variety of pizzerias, hamburger restaurants and pastry shops that are well suited to families with children. Tourist lodging during the tourist season, some budget accommodations are available. Drakudden parish leisure center and Ekeby in Bro are perfect for camp activities.

Growing business community

Upplands-Bro is actively committed to improving conditions for the local business community. The municipalitys over 2,000 places of work currently employ over 7,000 people. Half of all businesses are sole proprietorships. Distribution and trade, engineering, conference hotels and restaurants, agriculture and gardening are all important industries.

Business parks and commercial centers

Upplands-Bro is home to several business parks offering excellent office and production space: Brunna, Kungsängen E 18, E18 Bro and Nygård. These areas are home to a variety of dynamic companies. Some are locally based, while others operate on an international market. All of the business parks are under continual development, and space is available for additional companies wishing to establish operations. The municipality´s two shopping centers are also constantly developing. Additional commercial centers are situated adjacent to the Coop shopping center in Brunna Park and the E18 Bro mall.

Dynamic labor market

Half of the municipality´s residents are gainfully employed, and two-thirds of them commute to jobs elsewhere. Many are therefore very interested in local job opportunities - an attractive situation for new companies moving in. Cooperative efforts between the local business association, the employment center and the municipality are well established. Major employers include Ramirent, Fresenius Kabi, Happy Tammsvik, Zalando, Ragn-Sells, E.ON, Livgardet and the Municipality of Upplands-Bro.

The good life in Upplands-Bro

The municipality provides an extensive range of services in all sectors.

Extensive childcare and school system

The childcare system and schools offer a high standard of quality for children of all ages. Parents of young children can count on daycare placement within 3-4 months. Daycare centers are situated in calm, naturally beautiful settings close to housing areas, and are staffed by highly trained, committed personnel. There are also home child-minders, open preschools and a variety of private alternatives for both childcare and schooling. There are two upper secondary schools in the municipality, and Komvux provides both basic and vocational education for adults.

Good service for all

Both Kungsängen and Bro boast public libraries, sports halls and sports grounds. The municipality's immaculate swimming hall is situated in Bro. A variety of events mark the passing seasons of the year, and a wide range of associations offer activities for people of all ages and interests. Municipal services for the elderly and disabled seek to provide security and well-being, at the same time respecting people's own wishes and personal integrity. The municipality provides a variety of housing, service and care options.

Join us - welcome to Upplands-Bro

We can say it without reservation: move to Upplands-Bro. We are confident that once you are here, you will never want to leave. Many of us have already experienced Uppland-Bro's appeal, with unspoiled countryside right round the corner and unique proximity to Sweden's largest city. Small scale is one of Upplands-Bro's most important advantages. It´s a friendly, intimate place, with neighbors who get know each other both at work and in their leisure time: on the sports field, in the cultural association, at their gardening plot, on the golf course, on the jogging trail, at the boat club, at church, on the beach, on mushroom-picking outings and in so many other ways.


Street address: Furuhällsplan 1
Mailing address: 196 81 Kungsängen
Telephone: 08-581 690 00
Fax: 08-581 692 40
E-mail: kommun@upplands-bro.se
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 8-16, Fri 9-15

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